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The Interactive Plumbing Network has resources for plumbers and homeowners involved with bathroom and kitchen renovations or repairs. Get helpful information about discount plumbing supplies and fixtures from Kohler, Danze, Delta, Crane and Bradley. Also expert advice about low flow showerheads and toilets from journeyman and master plumbers.


PlumbNet has helped many plumbers, engineers, architects and do-it-yourself homeowners make the necessary repairs and upgrades. We provide essential plumbing information and convenient resources for new construction, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation and restoration. Get a list of highly-rated local plumbers that can help. Plumbing fixtures and supplies at

We have the latest information from Plumbing Industry Associations such as World Plumbing Council, PHCC, ASHRAE, HVAC/R and AWWA. We have lots of tips for energy efficiency and water use, a growing list of plumbing-related publications and plumbing training opportunities in our list of trade schools. We strive to help those looking for answers to your plumbing and home renovation questions and listings for qualified plumbers who can provide emergency repairs and support services.

Our website contains detailed information and links to Plumbing and Pipe Trades, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Energy Efficiency, Water and other plumbing-related resources on the Internet. We specialize in helping you to find local trade schools, courses, and apprenticeship programs in plumbing, pipe-fitting, and related areas.

Thanks for visiting our website which is all about reliable plumbing services and quality bathroom fixtures. We are committed to informing and connecting with our potential plumbing clients and partners. We are always adding new plumbing content and answering DIY questions for home projects and repairs, so please let us know if you have any urgent questions about our plumbing solutions. We have the latest news and information about quality plumbing fixtures and supplies plus industry facts and events on our master plumber jobs website. We offer the broad knowledge from our many years of industry experience in order to meet the urgent plumbing needs of the customers we serve.

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