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Best Sewage Pump

Pressure gauge, information stickers, easy warranty process, and upper bearing – these are things that we would always want to see first before purchasing the best sewage pump. If you are not sure where to start in looking for the best sewage ejector pump system, this article can be the perfect resource for you.

Read through my short reviews of the top sewage pumps to help you decide which one is best for you.

Best Sewage Pump – Reviews

1. Wayne RPP50 Sewage Pump

Wayne-RPP50The WayneRPP50 is definitely one of the best sewage pumps and should be on your wish list.

If you want to move wastewater, this is a dependable pump. You can expect a good amount of power through the ½ HP motor that it carries.

This rugged submersible sewage pump has good maximum flow rate depending on discharge height. It has a maximum flow rate of 6,200 gallons per hour, and pumps up to 3,240 gallons per hour at 10 feet. of discharge.

This pump features a durable cast iron motor and pump housing with a replaceable piggyback tether switch for automatic operation. Because it is made of cast iron, you can expect good longevity.

This pump measures 9.5 x 6 x 14 inches. It is designed for 18-inch diameter or larger sewage basins and a depth of 24 inches. It has a tether switch that turns the pump on and off based on the water level where it is submerged. This pump works efficiently at 110 volts, which is impressive.

This pump is ideal for basement or below-grade installations. This sewage ejector pump has a 1 year warranty for the replacement of parts. All of this comes for a very affordable price.

What we Liked

What we didn’t Liked

  • Fully submersible all-cast iron construction with tether float switch.​
  • Has 2 inches national pipe thread discharge for standard plumbing installation.​
  • It has a bottom suction design that passes solids up to 2 inches.​
  • Has a good maximum flow rate at 3,240 gallons per hour at 10 feet. of discharge.​
  • It is very easy to install.​
  • Will replace most sewage pumps without many plumbing changes.
  • Electric cord on switch is shorter.​
  • This is not a grinder pump!​
  • Cannot be used to pump water out of a pool.

2. Acquaer 1/2 HP Durable Cast Iron Sewage Pump

Acquaer-HPNext on the list is the Acquaer 1/2 HP durable cast iron sewage pump.

This one is amazing for its good amount of power through a ½ HP motor and its maximum flow rate of 4,800 gallons per hour, with a maximum head of 27 feet.

Also, the durable cast volute of this pump makes it a high-quality product. It runs very quietly and empties sludge sump quickly.

Sewage ejector pumps are meant to sit in a sump basin that is cut and dug into the ground below grade. This is strong enough to pump the sewage water into the sewer line.

This is a desirable sewage ejector pump because it pumps out liquids and solids up to 2 inches in diameter commonly used for septic system and sewage pits.

This pump is quite bulky. It measures 9.5 x 6 x 14 inches. This amazing pump is also quite heavy, weighing up to 32.8 pounds. It also works efficiently at 115 volts. This amazing tank automatically operates when the float reaches the set level in the tank. The warranty of the product is 2 years.

What we Liked

What we didn’t Liked

  • Submersible sewage pump.
  • Has good maximum flow rate at 4,800 gallons per hour at 27 feet of discharge.
  • Threaded. Has 2 inches national pipe thread discharge for standard plumbing installation.
  • Has a bottom suction design that passes solids up to 2 inches.
  • Has a 10-foot power cord with a tethered piggyback float switch.
  • Works very quietly and powerfully.
  • Float switch moves freely.
  • Cannot be used to pump water out of a pool.
  • Has a plastic impeller.

3. ECO-FLO Products RSE50W Cast Iron Sewage Pump

ECO-FLONext up is the RSE50W cast iron sewage pump. This is a fully submersible lightweight pump. There are many reasons to love this sewage ejector pump.

First of all, it is built with heavy-duty cast iron and thermoplastic construction for strength and longevity. Second, it will allow 2 inches of spherical solids to pass through.

Third, it works amazingly at ½ HP, and it has a maximum flow rate of 5,700 gallons per hour.

In addition, it is uniquely manufactured with a wide-angle switch and works continuously and efficiently at 115 volts for a smaller carbon footprint.

The pump’s dimensions are 11 x 9.8 x 19.7 inches, which makes it quite bulky, but it weighs just 21.8 pounds. The pump should be installed in a 30-inch basin in order to perform properly, but it can also be used in an 18-inch basin. The 20-foot cord length is another advantage of this product. Plus, you can get this item for a very affordable price.

What we Liked

What we didn’t Liked

  • Fully submersible.
  • Great pump that moves water quickly.
  • Has good maximum flow rate of 5,700 gallons per hour.
  • It is automatic and pumps solids up to 2 inches in diameter with respect to discharge height.
  • Has a 20-foot power cord.
  • Performs best in a 30-inch basin.
  • Cannot be used to pump viscous oil and fuel.
  • This is not a grinder pump!

4. Liberty Pumps PRG101A ProVore PRG Grinder Pump

Liberty-PumpsSewage pumps are generally not “grinders,” yet the Liberty Pumps PRG101A ProVore PRG Series automatic residential grinder pump is one exception to this rule.

This heavy cast iron construction pump shreds difficult solids such as feminine products, rags, towels and wipes that make our sewage clog.

If you want to get rid of this unwanted garbage, you should consider this pump, with its “grinder” feature and its patented V-slice cutter technology. Another amazing feature of this product is its automatic switch with a 10-foot cord.

Another interesting thing about this pump is that it is designed for residential sewage applications, but it could also be used in commercial areas, since we cannot control people coming in and out to dump their difficult solids into the basin. Amazingly, this pump works at ½ HP and consumes 42 gallons water. It also works efficiently at 115 volts single-phase. Since it is made of cast iron, you can expect good longevity as well.

This product measures 7.2 x 11.1 x 17.6 inches. This sewage ejector pump seems to be light at first sight, yet it is heavy at 58 pounds. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but reasonable because of its extra functionality.

What we Liked

What we didn’t Liked

  • This can also serve as a grinder pump.
  • Has patented V-slice cutter technology.
  • Built on cast iron for strength and longevity.
  • Consumes 42 gallons of water.
  • Has automatic switch with 10-foot cord.
  • Powerful enough to handle any job you need done.
  • Has a temperature range of 60-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heavy at 58 pounds.

5. Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump

Zoeller-267-0001The Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate sewage pump does a good job of handling residential and wastewater issues.

I personally like this product because of its quality and durability.

Also, it is very easy to install and very easy to use. This product is made of cast iron to ensure strength and durability. It is a submersible sewage pump that works with ½ HP.

In addition, this sewage pump is automatic with an integral float switch.

This sewage pump is threaded, has 2 inches national pipe thread discharge that passes up to 2-inch spherical solids. People who search for sewage ejector pumps are searching for this feature. Its maximum flow rate is 128 gallons per minute, and it works efficiently at 115 volts.
This product is quite heavy at 35.8 pounds, and it is large at 10.8 x 13.7 x 16 inches. It has a 3-year warranty after manufacture, which is longer than many other pumps on this list. This sewage ejector pump is quite expensive, yet the price is fairly reasonable due to its performance.

What we Liked

What we didn’t Liked

  • Fully submersible.
  • High-quality product and highly durable.
  • Threaded: 2-inch national pipe thread discharge, passes 2-inch spherical solids.
  • Has maximum flow rate of 128 gallons per minute.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Has automatic float switch.
  • This is not a grinder pump!
  • Cannot be used to pump water out of a pool.

How to Buy The Best Sewage Ejector Pump

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing between these five sewage ejector pumps. I’ve researched based on several factors and selected the best ones based on these factors. Here are the main factors that I considered.

Buy a pump that is durable

The best sewage pump has to be a high-quality and durable product. The upper bearing of the pump contributes a lot to its performance.

Consider the material used for the pump. For example, cast iron is a big plus! Since it will be fully submersed, material quality is one of the main factors to consider. The product’s longevity should be your top priority.

Is your sewage pump easy to install and easy to use?

The convenience of the product has always been considered in purchasing sewage pump. Is it easy to use and easy to install? A sewage ejector pump will send the sewage right up to the main line, reducing any inconveniences and clogs along the way. So, the best sewage should be easy to use and install.
Easy installation and easy use also means considering the weight of your sewage ejector pump. This will allow you to place it conveniently near the vent so you don’t need to lift overloaded things.

How big is your ejector pump?

Carefully inspecting the size of the sewage ejector pump is a must. Pumps come in different sizes (and horsepower), and the basins are also available in various capacities.

Average residential installation of sewage pumps has a standard kit with a ½ to ¾ horsepower motor. Maximum flow rates of sewage ejector pumps, which should also be considered, depend on the size of your pump.

Is it fully submersible?

A sewage ejector pump is crucial for getting rid of wastewater from below-ground areas. Most people also want to have their pumps fully submersible. Thus, the ideal pump should be fully submersible.

How big is your outlet?

A sewage ejector pump surely has system requirements. Of course, every pump requires an outlet. It is highly recommended to find a 2-inch diameter outlet for all of the sewage out of the house.

The outlet should be wide enough to allow the water to pass through and should be able to handle the pressure created by the pump. The size of the outlet usually depends on the type and diameter of pipes installed in your house.

Is your pump threaded?

If your pump has 2 inches National Pipe Thread discharge, this is a plus.

How to select the right pump switch?

There are various pump switches you will see when searching for the best sewage pump. One of these  is the float switch. A float switch is used to monitor the liquid level in a tank or sump.

The highly recommended pump switch is the tethered (wide-angle) switch because it has the most adjustable pumping range. These are usually installed on the discharge pipe or on the pump itself. This pump switch is a very reliable one.

Maximum flow rates with respect to discharge height

In most cases, 30 to 40 gallons per minute is a big enough pump capacity. The sewage pumps on the list have more than what is usually considered to be enough! Varying maximum flow rates also depend on the discharge height. With higher flow rate comes shorter discharge height.

How long is your sewage ejector pump’s warranty?

You will be ensured peace of mind when you purchase a sewage ejector pump with a warranty. The pump’s warranty acts as a guarantee that it will perform well. With this, warranties are not the same. It may cover all the damage along the way, yet it will only be available for only a limited time.

However, misuse of product invalidates the warranty. You should also pick a pump that has an easy warranty process.

Is it wise to spend your money on this sewage pump?

The prices of the pumps on the list vary. Some people purchase based on the numbers and how much they could save. Others want to purchase a pump with a reasonable price considering the quality. You should make your own decision based on your own needs and priorities.

Look for information stickers

Information stickers usually come with the sewage pump. Yet, when the pump is fully submersed, we cannot see the information stickers anymore. When the pump stops working, information stickers are our top priority to turn to for aid. Keeping those extra stickers will be useful if the pump has problems.

Be proactive

You should understand how the sewage ejector pump system works before you buy it. Knowing your system will allow you to save money and avoid being taken advantage of.

You don’t want to spend a lot for repairs and replacements. You should also be careful what you wash down to the toilet. Avoiding washing down difficult solids will greatly contribute to the longevity of your sewage ejector pump system. Lastly, know how to clean your pump manually.


Sewage pumps come in different sizes and with different features and prices. In terms of quality and durability, the Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate sewage pump is the top sewage ejector pump, not just considering longevity, but also performance.

This product can pump more than the others, at 128 gallons per minute, which is three times more than the usual recommended pump capacity.

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